I have 30 years of experience designing beautiful gardens for homes, businesses, and public gardens in the Midwest. Firefly Garden Design, LLC can help you create a striking landscape whether it involves crafting a master plan for a large residence or designing a welcoming entrance for an office building.

My design work is extremely flexible to fit the needs of my clients. The design process may take the form of creating a detailed landscape plan with supporting construction details, specifications, and plant lists that goes out for bid. It may involve my assistance with plant layout working with a carefully selected landscape contractor. Or it might be on-site consultation with an enthusiastic gardener who’d like to do the work themselves. I often meet with clients for only a few hours to work on small areas of their garden.

Perennial garden design is my specialty and passion. Please call on me when you need assistance with artfully selecting and combining perennials, shrubs and bulbs to create a long season of interest in your garden.